How to Use Spot Removal in Photoshop CC Smartly

If you had a chance to read my previous article about the 5 Top New Features in Photoshop CC for Photographers, you might have noticed that most of the new features in this release are actually directed to photographers for better photo editing process, especially the new and amazing Camera Raw updates. The most important update in Camera Raw is that you can apply this format to any image, even it was not taken in Raw format originally. So, you can apply the Camera Raw filter to different formats, such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc.

Additionally, Camera Raw includes some brand new tools that give you more options to edit photos directly in Camera Raw, such as the Spot Removal tool, which allows you to remove the unwanted details from the image in the Camera Raw dialog box. Furthermore, you can control the sampling point, as we will see in the photo editing tutorial below.

Step 1

Open an image in Adobe Photoshop

photo editing

Step 2

Choose Convert to Smart Filters from the Filters menu. This will turn the image into a smart object and apply the filters as non-destructive sub-layers. This option does not support all filters.

photo editing

Step 3

Choose the Camera Raw Filter from the Filters menu. The filter dialog box appears.

photo editing

Step 4

Click the Spot Removal icon on the top left of the dialog box.

Photoshop CC tutorials

Step 5

Change the brush size using the Size slider on the right, or you can simply increase or decrease the size by pressing the “[” or “]” in the keyword.

Step 6

Drag over the spot or area that you would like to remove.

Photoshop CC tutorials

Step 7

You can drag the green pin to edit the sampling area that Photoshop uses as a guide to remove unwanted spots.

Step 8

Click Ok to apply the filter to the image.

Photoshop CC tutorials

Notice that the filter is applied as a sub-layer, which allows you to hide it by clicking the eye icon next to the filter in the Layers panel. Also, you can double click the filter sub-layer to open the Camera Raw dialog box and modify it. If you have suffered before from modifying the filters after applying them, you will realize how much the smart filters can help you when working with filters.

Finally, I hope you will try this new feature and share with us your ideas about it compared to the similar image editing features in Adobe Photoshop.

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