How to Get Photography Jobs through Facebook

Facebook has become one of our daily activities and many of us spend hours and hours on Facebook, which raises a question: Can we really turn social media into a marketing method to get more photography jobs and clients?

The answer is simply yes. Social media has proved to be an efficient marketing method in many fields, yet it is important to understand how to use it properly. For example, if you over-promote your business looking for photography jobs, it can lead you to get banned or reported by other Facebook users. On the other hand, low promotion activities can hardly get you anywhere.

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Therefore, there are some tips you should consider before starting to promote your business to get photography jobs and clients. Here are some points you should consider (these tips apply both to personal profiles and business pages):

1. Build a professional Facebook page

Your Facebook page or profile is your gateway to get photography jobs. When the clients visit your page, they expect to see a professional page that represents your talent and business. Also, they expect to check your Photos section to learn more about your experience.

So, you need to make sure that your page includes the following:

  • Clear image of yourself so the clients feel like they know you
  • Attractive page header photo that catches the visitors’ attention
  • Add your bio, website, and contact information

Additionally, Facebook gives long names to newly created pages. If your page already has some followers (around 20), you can choose a short name that represents your business. All you need to do is to type in the browser and choose a unique and easy to remember name to your page.

2. Post frequently and regularly

When someone follows you or likes your page, your updates will appear on his or her wall. So, in order to get more followers, you need to update your profile or page frequently. The more frequent updates, the more views for your page or profile, and subsequently, the more likes and followers you will get.

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If you do not know what to say or how to promote your business to get photography jobs, try the following ideas:

  • Upload your new shots and talk about them and how you took them
  • Post useful information for photographers
  • Share information and news about new camera gears
  • Share useful links and resources

3. Interact with your followers

Social media websites are places where people interact with each other. So, keep this in mind when you open you browser to visit your profile or page. Make sure you interact with your followers. For example, reply to their messages and comments. Try to ask them about their favorite shares and share more of those. This will not only help you to get photography jobs, but also get more followers and fans.

You can also interact with your clients and provide consultations for them. Do not be afraid to provide free consultations. It will eventually help you to get more exposure on the market, and build trust between you and your followers.

4. Ask questions and start discussions

Another form of interaction is to start discussions and ask questions. You can get the followers’ attention by asking them questions about their favorite gear or how to shoot a special type of photography. Asking questions can also be a good way to encourage interaction between followers using the Comments feature on Facebook. This interaction can help you get more followers and likes for your page.

5. Share your work in photography groups

There are a lot of photography groups on Facebook. The aim of those groups is to let the members interact with each other, and everyone in the group can share links and resources with others.

You can join different photography groups and start sharing your work and interact with other members. This can drive more attention to your business and services. Just make sure not to spam these groups with too many posts, because this can lead you to be banned. One or two posts a day can be a reasonable number.

The tips above can help you to get more followers and likes for your page, and subsequently, attract clients. But you have to make sure that you share high quality content and interact with your followers.

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  1. Great advice. I hope to try to ask more questions to get more interaction with my posts.

    One thing I have found helpful is posting the best handful of wedding pictures at the end of the first day. Then I tag the bride and groom. This allows friends and family to see there pictures while the wedding is still fresh in their minds.

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