Google Plus Marketing Tips For Photography

Google + is always overlooked when it comes to social media marketing, however upon closer look it is teeming with rich features and advantages when it comes to promoting and advertising your portfolio, especially with photographers Google + seems to be a very powerful marketing tool. Google + lets you easily connect with other individuals who share the same interest as yours.

This paves the way for easy interaction and sharing of content, therefore helping you easily market your work as a photographer. Here are some techniques on how to use Google + properly to market your photography works successfully.

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Expand your Circle

Google + Circle enable you to connect to a circle of network much like that of Facebook but with added privacy control. You can have the option to see what others are posting by adding them on your circle and vice versa. This affords you to connect only with a group of people who share the same interests and passions like a roundtable discussion of kindred souls.

Unlike other social media where it is hard to pinpoint your intended market, Google + Circle make it easier for you to identify your audience. Take advantage of this by adding interesting people with quality contents, time will soon come when they will notice your content and they too, will then add you to their circle.

google plus marketing

Post Quality Content

Same rule with other social media websites, posting quality content helps people take notice of your work. With Google + the number of people who clicks the ‘plus 1’ button on your content means the more people who appreciate it. This way you can track how your photographs upload engages your audience.

Spend More Time at the “Hangout” Place

Hangout is a revolutionary video conference feature of Google +. It can put together up to 10 individuals from all over the world to collaborate, share ideas and works, or even watch video together. It is like a mini conference where you could easily “hangout” with fellow photographers. You can easily maximize this to your advantage as a photographer trying to build a meaningful network and professional relationships with other esteemed photographers.

google plus marketing

Create an Event

Google + Events works within the same principles of Facebook Events, but since most people uses Google even before signing in on their Facebook accounts, the notification about your event easily reaches them, therefore getting more chances for exposure for your photography event to be noticed and attract more participants.

google plus marketing

These are the leading features of Google + where you can maximize to achieve an effective marketing strategy to promote your photography works. Many photographers tend to look beyond Google + and in the process they all end up converging like a log jam at Facebook, making Google + an ideal avenue for you to market your talent and skill in the field of photography. Most users of Google + are choosier when selecting people to follow on this platform compared to Facebook. This creates an opportunity for you to seize a big following at the onset, given that you post quality content.

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