Get Creative This 2014: Must-Do Online Photo Projects

Another way to promote your services as a photographer online is by way of doing photo projects that will draw attention to your works and invite more viewers to your website portfolio.

Here are some amazing online photo projects that still works wonders for many aspiring and professional photographers today.

Remember not to be content in doing the project, but make sure to also make it more interesting than the works of the many other photographers who have undertaken the same projects before. 

100 Strangers

This project involves taking portraits of 100 strangers. The project aims at encouraging participants to zone out of their comfort zones by talking to a stranger and asking them to pose for a portrait shot as well as asking a few questions about them. An example almost similar to this is the Humans of New York Facebook Page, although it has shot more than 100 strangers already, it shows amazing portraits of New York City residents along with an accompanying interesting information about them.

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Project 50

As signified by the number 50 it comprises 50 photographs using a 50mm lens spanning 50 days. This is great for a short term photography project that also allows you to master more skills in photographing subjects using a prime 50mm lens.

A-Z Photo Project

This pertains to taking photographs of things that begin with each letter in the alphabet or any objects that resembles a letter in the alphabet. This is very challenging and fun way of tapping into your creativity to come up with the collection of images. After you’re done with this, try a similar challenge based on numbers 1-10.

Single Colour/Single Theme

Select a theme or color and make that your subject for a week, a month or even the whole year. The detail produced by the variety of this project, and the whole challenge once finished will be extremely rewarding. This is ideal for developing dedication to your craft.

Project 365

Evidently! This project definitely requires dedication and commitment to take a photograph each day for the whole year, but the reward at 365th day is extremely astounding. This is the best photo project to document a year in your life and progress your photography skills into another level while you are in the midst of it.

30 Days of B & W

To improve your eye so spot the perfect contrast and immortalize moments in monochrome, this project requires continuous shooting of photographs for 30 days without deviating away from black and white photography sertraline 50 mg.

A Day in the Life

On May 15 2012, individuals all over the world were instructed to use their cameras and take images of their daily lives then to be uploaded and shared as a project. Photographing an entire day no matter how ordinary can be a great method to document a day in your life. Impose some rules like taking an image every half hour – it will help you pinpoint photo opportunities, determine new angles and discover the beauty in the everyday normal objects

$2 Portraits

A renowned photographer Thomas Hawk recently took a portrait of every person that begs him for money in the streets and hands them $2 as a gesture. This is a great way to put some twist on the 100 strangers’ project, and also provides a brilliant opportunity to capture emotive portraits out on the streets.

There you go, if you think you have the skills to become a successful professional photographer, all you need to have is to generate buzz and attention. What better way to promote your skills than by showcasing it on at least one of these interesting online photography projects.

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