Free Marketing For Your Photography Business

Being a photographer, the hardest part is the beginning of setting up your career towards where you want it to head. These includes; building up networks, polishing your skills, marketing your works and brand of photography to suggest a few.

Fortunately, in this age of the social media there are many free marketing strategies one could take advantage of, as a photographer wanting to break out; marketing your service has never been this easy.

Here are some effective ways on how you could market your photography business for free.

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Use Social Media for Networking

Social Media is free and an effective marketing medium. By consistently uploading some of your high quality works on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter will boost your stock and increase your followings. You can also expand your network by connecting and eventually collaborating with other photographers. Meeting up and attending events organized through social media will further take your exposure as a photographer into another level.

photography marketing

UseWisetamp Wisely

Wisetamp is a new email app which allows you to transform your every email signature into a marketing message which you can add a link to on your social media sites at Twitter, Facebook and even your photography blog.

Photography Blog

Probably the best marketing strategy for photographers is to create a professional-looking online portfolio by way of a photo blog. This will serve as your online gallery of your works and can easily be shared on your social media sites every time you post a new entry.

photography marketing

Marketing Collaboration

This has been a common practice for both photographers and other businesses as a means of free marketing collaboration. You can offer a partnership with a local restaurant for example for a food photography session marketing the cuisines they serve. The photos can be used in their own marketing campaign while at the same time carrying your name as the photographer. Remember, this practice can be applied to other types of business and all kinds of photography styles.

Get Listed Online

Make sure to advertise your services in the many local listings found online. It is not popular as social media websites but there are still a decent number of people who still refer to local listings to look for a particular services provider such as a photographer.

Referral Rewards

Reward your clients who will successfully refer you to another client with an incentive. You can use your imagination on what type of incentive you want to give out. This can be an additional photography session as long as it won’t cost you a lot of money. This not only creates a strong and closer bond with your past clients, it also encourages them to refer you to people they know.

Get Published

There is no better feeling than seeing your photographs printed on the glossy pages of a magazine. This can also be a wonderful marketing opportunity for yourself, as a photographer you can try submitting your works to local media outlets. Once you get published you can use this to promote your work further. This shall open more doors for more photography opportunities in the near future.

photography marketing

These are some free marketing techniques you could take advantage of to get your photography career moving and heading to the right direction. Remember to always produce quality works and with proper exposure you will be sure you’re on your way to success.

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