Five Butterfly Photography Tips

Butterflies are gorgeous creatures and one of the great and favorable subjects for many photographers is the butterfly photography, yet these are very sensitive creatures which making it hard to photography especially with their always moving around.

The rapid and quick movement for these creatures make it hard and some times frustrating to take butterfly pictures. Additionally, butterfly photography share many of the techniques with the macro photography as you deal with small creatures and it need to get close up shots in order to highlight the beauty of the butterfly colors, anatomy and even wings textures (check Extraordinarily Beautiful Butterfly Pictures).

Usually the best chance to take great butterfly images is to find a place where many butterflies around such as gardens, forest and green places to get the chance to experience different types of butterfly images and photography techniques.

In order to overcome the issues that may face you while taking butterfly photography,hey, you need to consider the following tips in addition to the macro photography tips we discussed in a previous post (How to Take Great Macro Photography Shots).

Avoid the harsh light

The harsh light and the light that comes from one direction may create cast shadows over the butterfly. Thus, you may need to wait until the sun or the butterfly in a position with no or least shadow possible.

Blue butterfly by Plancas67
Blue butterfly by Plancas67

Focus on close up shots

As mentioned earlier, you need to highlight huge beauty of these creatures, therefore it is good idea to take close up shots. However, you cannot simply get close to the butterfly and they stay still. You need a macro photo that allows you to take the butterfly pictures from a proper distance.

Queen by Manjith Kainickara

Use a tripod

As the butterflies are always in move, you need to take a steady shot. Consider using a tripod and keep the head loose to enable you from rotating the camera while the butterfly moves around. The tripod will have great impact on the stability of the shot (Photography Tips: How To Choose A Tripod).

Butterfly by Manisha

Wait for the cold weather

The butterflies need the sun and heat to fly and move around. If the weather is cold, they tend to stay still and save their energy waiting for the warm weather to come. Thus, you may need to pick the cold time such as the early morning to take start the butterfly photography session.

Black & White Butterfly by Christine

Get down to their level

If you like to choose an interesting shooting angle, you may like to experience to go down to the level of the butterfly wings. Unlike the normal human level high angle , the low angle can help you get better close ups that reveal the butterfly details.

Butterfly by Pierre-Selim Huard
Butterfly by Pierre-Selim Huard

The butterfly photography is very interesting if you know the tips and the tricks to take a great butterfly picture. The above tips can help boost your shots to the next level, but you experience and practice to have great impact on the quality of you photos. Do not forget to review our macro photography beginners guide for more tips about taking photos for these amazing creatures (Beginners’ Guide for Macro Photography).
Have you ever tried to take butterfly pictures? If yes, feel fre to share with us your experience in huge comments below. Also, do not forget to check the following related articles:

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