Extraordinarily Beautiful Butterfly Pictures

Most of us are attracted to butterfly pictures because of the bright colors of their different species, yet butterfly photography is a challenging photography type. Butterflies are small and fast creatures and it is hard to predict their next move, which makes it more challenging to take great shots of them. Before you pack your camera and go outside to take butterfly pictures, there are some tips that you should consider to make your photos sharper and look more professional:

  • Shoot in the early dawn time. During this time, the butterflies are quiet and standing still, which makes it a great time to take their pictures.
  • Use a fast shutter speed. Butterflies are moving all the time, thus, you will need a fast shutter speed to ensure that you get steady shots.
  • Use the continuous shooting mode. It is good idea to use the continuous shooting mode to make sure you catch the perfect moment.
  • Use macro lenses. Using a macro lens will ensure that you get close-up shots without disturbing the butterflies.  You can use 50mm to 100mm lenses.
  • Take multiple images. Try to take as many shots as you can, this will help you to choose the best shot later.

With the above-mentioned tips in mind, you can go outdoors and start taking butterfly pictures. Additionally, you can check and learn from the extraordinarily beautiful butterfly pictures below, taken of different species from different angles and compositions.

butterfly pictures
Photo by Gordon Wrigley
butterfly pictures
Photo by Daniel Hall
butterflies pictures
Photo by Stephen Klein
Blue butterfly
Photo by Plancas67
butterfly photography
Photo by Prime Jyothi
butterfly photography
Photo by Prime Jyothi
Photo by Alain Picard
butterflies photography
Photo by Jeffy Can
butterfly photos
Photo by JG D70s
Butterfly pictures
Photo by Alain Picard
butterfly photos
Photo by David Yu
Spotted Butterfly
Photo by Tom Haymes
Photo by Deziner Folio
butterfly photography
Photo by Michael McDonough
Butterfly tree
Photo by Hafiz Issadeen

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