Children Photography: Tips for Adorable Photos

Children photography can be very challenging for many photographers yet it is full of fun and joy especially when you are talking photos for your own children playing around. Many amazing moments to record while the kids are growing up quickly than we even notice.

As the children area  very hard topic to photograph, there are two category of children photography tips. The first one is the camera setting and the second is how to deal with the children in during the photo session (check How to Compose Unique Kids Photographs).

As the children are always moving around, the camera setting should be prepared to be ready for the fast movement. Thus, the shutter speed should be high enough to be able to capture the kids while playing and ensure the sharpness of the shot as well (check Understanding Camera Exposure).

The aperture should be as wide as possible (shallow depth of field) to overcome the low light caused by the shutter speed and gives more focus not he children faces (check How Does Your Camera Image Stabilizer Work?).

The last factor is the ISO. Keep it to 100-400 based on the light conditions. The high ISO value can cause over exposed shots and hurt the natural colors in the scene (check Understanding Camera ISO).

Now, let us move to the second category of the tips and most challenging in the children photography, which is how to deal with the children and prepare them for the photograph. Here are some ideas that you can put in mind to improve your next children photos.

Be Natural and Fun

The first and most important tip is to be natural as this will positively reflect on the children either in the indoor or outdoor photos. Most of the children run away from the camera or feel shy to stand still in front of it. So, your rule is to break this feelings by trying to make them feel like home and ignore camera while they play.

Children photography by Trang Nguyen
Photo by Trang Nguyen

Be Patient

In order to apply the first tip, you need to a lot of patient and time. Children take time to get introduced to the people around and feel familiar with them. Therefore, do not feel rush, just make sure the the kids are ready to stand in front of the camera or obey you when asked to position in a specific way (check Incredible Children Photography by a Father of Two Sons).

Watch the Right Moment

Taking children photography is like pets photography. When we covered the pets photography How to Take Great Cat Pictures while ago, waiting for the right moment was one of the most important skills. As you see the children play around, wait for the best shots. If you are uncertain if the children may leave the scene, you can take multiple photos and filter them later.
It is a good idea to keep number of memory cards in your bag as you need to take many shots for the children playing around.

Children of the Sky by Federica Marchi
Children of the Sky by Federica Marchi

Take Photos While Playing

There are many themes that you can consider when taking children photos. Taking shot while the kids are playing and in action highlight their passion to play and active nature, yet it needs you to set the camera properly in order to take the right moment with a sharp and professional shot.

You can choose one of the playgrounds or open gardens as a place to take the shots and ask the children to pick a game to play around. This trick can help getting some interesting shots especially when the kids forget about the camera in front of them. You can also ask the kids to make specific action such as facial expressions (check Magical Realist Images of her Sons Captured by Photographer Mom from Russia).

The Children playing in the water by Minxin Chen
The Children playing in the water by Minxin Chen

Close up to the face

Children portraits are eye-catching as they highlights the kids innocence through focusing on their faces. The children portrait photography does not require much care about the speed as the children stands still in front of the camera.  But in order to get the best result you need to give much care to the colors and light exposure in the shot.

Children photography by Yadira3
Childrens by Yadira3

Consider Different Themes

There are many themes that you can use to take creative images such as the black and white children photography and children fashion photography. Each child can inspire you with specific theme. For example, you can let the children play dress up and create a children fashion photography sessions for them (check Toddler and Dog Nap Time Photos That Can Make You Smile).

Children photography by Angelika Zbojenska
Children by Angelika Zbojenska

Children photography is a favorite topic for many professional and amateur photographers, yet it is challenging topic and you need to learn how to control not only your camera but the children as well. The above tips can help you to lead the scene and take interesting children photos. If you have other tips to share with us, feel free to share in the comments below and do not forget to check the below related articles:

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