Cheerful Photos for Beautiful Flowers

Any beginner or professional photographer can’t resist taking shots for beautiful flowers, yet few photographs come out showing the real beauty in them. The reason can be due to the lack of experience taking this type of photos especially under the uncontrolled light and wind conditions.

It does not require to be a professional photographer to take photos for the beautiful flowers next to your home, all you need is to learn are few tips and techniques that can help improving photos dramatically (check Flower Photography: Tips & Tricks).

The flower photography tips can be related to the gear you have in hand at the time of taking the photo and the scene itself such as the composition, light direction, intensity and the moving flowers.


Macro Lenses

The close-up shots help focusing on the beautiful flowers and avoid any distraction from the background. So, it is good idea to use macro lenses when taking flower photos and set the aperture to shallow depth of field to get a blurry background.

The extension tubes can be used to get similar effect without buying expensive macro lens. The extension tube is added between the lens and the camera body to allow close-up shots.



Roses by Moneyforgum


Roses by MadisonJuliana


Flower show10 by Bunny Paffenroth

Steady Shot

The flowers can vibrate during taking the shot, so you need to be patient and take your time before pushing the camera button. Using a tripod can help getting a steady shot and positing the camera in the right place in front of the flowers. Additionally, the remote release can help taking even more steady shots as it avoid the unexpected camera shakes when taking the shot.

Choose the best time

Choosing the best time to take the shot is very important to ensure having the best light conditions. For example, the backlight can let flowers look much better than the sharp light. The wind speed is another important factor to consider as it affect the movement of the flower as well as the camera in the scene. The no or slow wind weather can help flowers to stay still while taking the show.


Missing Roses by Fahadee


Flowers by Choo Yut Shing


Purple roses by Mydecember90

Use reflector

If there are shadows or low light condition, you can use reflectors to bounce some light toward the flowers and make its colors more vibrant. The gold en reflectors give the scene a warm color scheme.

Experience different shooting positions

Do not restrict yourself on specific position, trying different angles can help you to reach interesting shots and compositions. For example, getting into the same level with the flowers make the shot more interesting and focused comparing with the bird view shots.


Roses by Smellslikeoreo


Folorn by George Kirk


Flower photo by Doug88888

Avoid distracting background

The background is an important factor in the composition, it can improve your shot or destroy it. Make sure that the background is not distracting the focus on the flowers and if so, you can use shallow depth of field or even color sheets to create solid color backgrounds.


Flowers by Moyan Brenn


Little yellow cute flowers by Meyrembulucek


Aquilegia Tequila Sunrise by George—Kirk


Yellow Roses by Incolor16


Roses by Tweeny


Flower by Carol Von Canon

Most of the above tips are experimental and you need to try different techniques based on the flowers, the scene and the time of the day. And finally, do not forget to shoot in Raw format in order to have full capabilities to modify the photo light and colors later in Photoshop or Lightroom.

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