architectural photography

Brilliant Examples of Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is concerned with taking interesting photos of buildings and capturing the amazing effect of light and shadows on buildings. Architectural photography is affected by the style of different buildings. For example, buildings with curves and smooth angles interact differently with light and shadows than buildings with sharper angles. Architectural photography can be very challenging as you need to …

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birds photography

Gorgeous Examples of Birds Photography

Birds are one of the adorable creatures that steal our hearts with their beautiful colors and diversity. Thus, they can be very interesting subjects for photography. Birds photography is not only concerned with the different beautiful species of birds, but also with their interesting behaviour. Yet, birds photography is very challenging and requires a good knowledge of the natural habitat …

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bee pictures

16 Breathtaking Bee Pictures

Bees are the active little creatures that you can find among flowers and green gardens. Taking bee pictures is a part of insect photography which relies on close-ups and using macro photography techniques. Therefore, you can apply the general rules of insect photography when taking photos of bees. In order to take bee pictures, you will either need a macro …

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Creative Examples of Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is probably the most common type of photography both among professionals and amateurs. Portrait photos focus on the interesting expressions of the human face, or may tell a story about the person in the shot. In order to get interesting portrait photographs, you need to think outside the box and try to come up with extraordinary photo ideas …

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cityscape photography

Stunning Examples of Cityscape Photography

Cityscape photography is one of the easily reachable types, as most of us live inside or near cities. Cityscape photography is concerned with photos taken in cities, such as architecture, people, and city elements. Cityscape has many themes that are related to city scenes and require a wide range of camera settings, such as taking nighttime cityscape photos and shots …

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high speed photography

High Speed Photography Using Paint on Toys by Peter Schafrick

Peter Schafrick’s high speed photography project explores a new experience by using the centrifugal force to cover toys with paint. The idea behind this concept is pretty awesome, as Peter Schafrick’s project relies on a custom-built machine that is named the Spinster. The Spinster allows rotating the objects and Peter takes high speed photos of the moving objects. The high …

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bokeh photography

Creative Examples of Bokeh Photography

Bokeh photography simply means blurred photos. The name is based on the Japanese word “boke”, which means “blur”.  It refers to photographs that have a blurred, out of focus background. The background can include hazy light sources behind the main object, which appears sharp and clear inside the range of the camera focus. You can use artificial lights in the …

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jellyfish pictures

Incredible Jellyfish Pictures

Jellyfish are amazing creatures and part of the wonderful undersea world. Many people like to take jellyfish pictures, but is it really as easy as it looks like? Does it only require an underwater photography kit? Actually, jellyfish photography is challenging and you need to acquire some tips before going ahead to take amazing jellyfish pictures. Before you dive into …

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cat pictures

30+ Adorable Examples of Cat Pictures

Many people are eager to take interesting cat pictures of their pets. Those adorable creatures can be a great subject for your next photography shot, especially when they are young kittens. Meanwhile, you need to consider some tips in order to capture professional cat pictures. Working with cats requires you to be patient and ready to capture the extraordinary moments …

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puffin pictures

Extraordinary Atlantic Puffin Pictures

If you are not familiar with this amazing bird, the Atlantic Puffin (also known as Common Puffin), it lives in the cold northern seas most of the year and returns to the land in its breeding season in the spring. The Atlantic Puffin pictures show the beauty of this bird and justify the interest of many photographers to take shots of …

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macro photography

Macro Photography: Breathtaking Examples and Ideas

Macro photography opens the doors to a different world from what we can see in our everyday life. This type of photography explores the elements around us very closely. However, taking a great macro photography shot requires you to consider a few tips and techniques, especially when you are taking shots under certain conditions, such shots of moving objects. The …

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mountain photography

Breathtaking Examples of Mountain Photography

Today, we are going to talk about mountain photography. If you are going to climb or pass by mountain views, you surely feel excited to take some shots of the amazing nature up there, not only to share it with your friends, but also to experience the challenges of mountain photography. Mountain photography, unlike some other photography types, does not …

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camera toss photography

Are You Ready for Camera Toss Photography?

Would you dare to toss your camera in the air to take a special shot? The first time I heard about camera tossing it sounded weird to throw the camera in the air in order to get a shot. But actually the results were very interesting, which drove me to learn more about this type of photography. Camera toss photography …

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