weird self-portraits

Weird Self-Portraits: Swedish Photographer Turns Himself Into Creepy Animal

In his weird self-portrait series in Behance, Samuel Pettersson presented a totally new yet frightening experience turning himself into a two-headed animal using digital photography extended capabilities and techniques. There isn’t available description about how this effect is achieved or if he used image-editing applications like Photoshop, but the results are very unique and interesting regardless the technique used. If you …

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photography project

Magical Realist Images of her Sons Captured by Photographer Mom from Russia

Using her two sons (Yaroslav and Vanya) and their dear animals as her photography project, Elena Shumilova brings out magic in every little moment. Whether its one of her sons hugging their lovable dog or both of her little boys spending time together, she makes the most special shots from the ordinary scenes. Each piece of image tells an intimate …

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travel photos

Purity, Beauty and Culture Showcased in the Travel Photos by Maciej Cieslak

Travel is not only going the distance but journeying inside your soul. Maciej Cieslak travel photos have stunned National Geographic (winning the ‘Great Photo’ contest) for it has not only featured the beauty of photography but the lifetime change travel photography can give you. The photographer studied Physics and Economics but his passion for travel has made him grew a …

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mirror photos

Simply Breath-taking Reflection and Landscape Photography Using a Mirror

“A Moment’s Reflection” by Cody William Smith feels like a gateway to the most beautiful places that are not down in any maps. Using a round mirror, he sets up, a little bit buried on different areas like the sand, dirt… various settings. The mirror interrupts the whole place, reflecting a different spot nearby. It creates this wonderful harmony shared …

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food photography

Clever and Funny Photos of Miniature Scenes Using Food

There’s more to our mouth-watering food for Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida give food photography a clever twist. “Minimiam” is their series that showcases little amusing scenes in the yummy world. The photographers do not only capture the beauty of food through the most suitable settings, they have truly enjoyed the power of their wackiness and imagination. Using common food …

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black white photographs

Taj Mahal in Black and White Photographs – Definitely Enigmatic Shots

Josef Hoflehner’s series of black and white photographs showcasing the ever-stunning Taj Mahal takes my breath away. These images have something mystical in them, something solitary and beautiful, too. From a foggy take to a reflective capture, one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world can be marvelled out without the usual busy crowd. Looking at each image …

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forest photography

Forest Photography: Haunting and Enchanting Captures of Kilian Schoenberg

Do you know that moment when you feel like at any given time, a wail from the forest shall echo all over the place?  Kilian Schoenberger’s forest photography in his series “Brothers Grimm’s Homeland” gives me this eerie feeling as if I’m listening to dark ambient music. Each capture tells a story of misty dusks alone in the woods, being …

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Nick Brandt

Five Inspiring Photographers Devoted to Make a Difference

Photographers giving back to a certain community in the furthest part of the world are becoming a welcome trend happening today. Professional photographers are picking up the slack in helping raise funds for charitable organizations, by using their skills and talents to create an awareness that spreads more goodwill and help to the needy. From photographing celebrities, landscapes and wildlife, …

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frozen photos

Definitely Alluring Photos of Bubbles Frozen in Frigid Temperature

Just a passing glance and you might think they’re snowglobes. You’d be amazed to find out that these are actually frozen bubbles! Yes, it’s indeed such a unique experience to just stare at these photos for a while. I was even examining closely as if dissecting a piece of magical replica. Looking intently actually has this ‘speechless effect’ on me. …

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travel photos

2013 Travel Photographer of the Year – Best Shot

This yearly photo competition does not only recognize travel photographers but also serves as the venue where appreciators of travel and photography can look into various countries of the world – in a unique perspective. From the summit of the Alps to the wild of Botswana, these talented photographers share to us the most stunning account about peoples, culture and …

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Iranian Women

Compelling Conceptual Photos of Iranian Women – “Miss Butterfly”

One of my favorite movies of all time is “Persepolis”. It has given me that soulful second-hand experience concerning the plight of women in Iran. To find these powerful conceptual photos by Shadi Ghadirian adds up to what I know of Iranian women – alongside with little stories, TED talks, literature and news articles. Each photo from this series “Miss …

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santa claus portraits

A Hilariously Jolly Christmas Santa Claus’ Funny Portraits Inside Classical Paintings

“To pay homage to the original paintings while offering art lovers an additional reason to smile.” Ed Wheeler carries with him a bagful of laughter. Lighten up the holidays by looking at his photos of funny Santa in classical paintings. It has been so many years when he started dressing up like Santa but it was in 2011 when he thought …

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Portraits of South Africans with their Message to the Late Nelson Mandela

Photographer George Qua-Enoo is now living in Canada. He was born in Ghana but later moved to South Africa. When he heard about Mandela’s passing away, with no second thoughts he walked the streets Pretoria and took images while talking to many people about Mandela has impacted their lives. Like him, they have written and expressed how the man of …

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pictures of trains

Scenic Photos of Trains Captured by Father and Son Photographers

“…what thrills me about trains is not their size or their equipment but the fact that they are moving, that they embody a connection between unseen places.” ― Marianne Wiggins Robin and Talieson Coombes, father and son photographers from Wales capture scenic photos of trains. These images is also a ticket  to that not-so-modern-world of slow trains passing through the …

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