Street photography Tips

street photography tips

Street photography is simple in concept, but when put into practice, can be very hard to do well. This style of photography has so many fantastic opportunities that are on offer to anyone that wants them. Here are a few tips and guides that may help in improving the creativity of your street photography. Firstly, a great suggestion is to Read more

How to Take Portrait Photos Like a Pro: Working with Light

portrait photos

Taking professional portrait photos is a challenging yet interesting topic for both professional and amateur photographers who like to take shot for their beloved. In the first part of this article, we explored the basic equipment required to take professional portrait photos such as the tripod and the lensed that can produce the best results. We also explored the portrait Read more

How to Take Portrait Photos Like a Pro- Part 1

portrait photo composition

Oh how we all amateurs envy the professional portrait photographers. Lugging expensive DSLR bodies and telephoto lenses they compress the foreground and the background into oblivion on the pretext of creating ‘stunning’ portrait photos. Oh how we love to prove that we amateurs are not to be taken lightly either and that we are just as capable. Professional quality portrait Read more

A Quick Guide To Surrealism In Photography

surrealism in photography

Surrealism in photography more often than not requires manipulation of multiple images into one. This means that you will need decent knowledge and experience in photo manipulation and photography as well. Creating surreal photos is practically the same as creating photo manipulation. There are no strict rules when it comes to surreal photography, but there are some things that should Read more

Why A Prime Lens Is The Best Choice For Beginners?

prime lens

When you start practicing photography your first DSLR will most likely come fitted with a kit lens – usually the 18-55mm (check Tips to Choose Your First DSLR Camera). That is a common, cheap and versatile piece of glass which offers good images. However, its aperture isn’t too wide which doesn’t allow for good selective focus. If you switch to Read more

6 Tips To Get You Started In Car Photography

automotive photography

Car photography requires decent amount of knowledge about cars and great attention to details. Photographing cars means that you need to present the vehicle in the best way possible. That would mean emphasizing the unique parts, having all the legacy details present, and making the viewer want the car (check Creative Ways on How to Photograph Cars). It is very Read more

Children Photography: Tips for Adorable Photos

Children photography can be very challenging for many photographers yet it is full of fun and joy especially when you are talking photos for your own children playing around. Many amazing moments to record while the kids are growing up quickly than we even notice. As the children area  very hard topic to photograph, there are two category of children photography tips. The Read more

How to Become a Successful Crime Scene Photographer

crime scene photographer

The topic today is different as it touches another type of photography that many do not get attention to it, which is the forensic photography and how to become a crime scene photographer. While many articles are written to prepare you to become studio, wedding, journalism and food photographer. Very few focused on the crime scene photography and how to Read more

Photographing Museums and Libraries

photographing libraries

Surrounded by four corners of solid walls of museums, galleries and libraries, objects of astonishing work of arts and literary works can be found. Archeology artifacts, paintings and photography exhibits for museums and galleries while reading materials penned by the best wordsmith of our time and history’s past are displayed on the shelves of libraries. As admiring viewers of these Read more

How to Take Portrait Photos for Old People

portrait photos

Old people seem to project a different effect on photographs compared to portraits of younger people. Their appearances are just beaming with details and characters, the lines on their faces convey a sense of mystery and countless untold interesting stories. Portraits of old people surely can’t be dismissed and what better way to document many decades of living than capturing Read more

Creative Ways on How to Photograph Cars

photograph cars

Most people think car photography is easy but there’s more to it than capturing the whole body and presenting it visually. The challenge is to properly capture the car detail, design and its quintessence spirit in a photograph. Successful professional photographers has these all figured out already, question is do you? If not then here’s a helpful guide for you Read more

Get Creative This 2014: Must-Do Online Photo Projects

online photo projects

Another way to promote your services as a photographer online is by way of doing photo projects that will draw attention to your works and invite more viewers to your website portfolio. Here are some amazing online photo projects that still works wonders for many aspiring and professional photographers today. Remember not to be content in doing the project, but Read more

How to Take Night Photography for City Life

night photography

Every city in the world shows a lively character when night falls. The bustling city scape lights and the glowing darkened skies makes up for a very interesting and appealing night photography shots. However, the scenes with low light conditions and lots of movements are the hardest subjects to photograph; therefore shooting the city at night requires discipline and an Read more

Tips on Photographing Architectural Landmarks

photographing architectural landmarks

Architecture photography presents many different styles which gives each structure a unique character. Capturing it on a photograph provides an assortment of choices with its many styles; whether it’s classical, contemporary and post-modern is a very rewarding and at the same time challenging undertaking. Here are some tips on how to photograph architectural landmarks. Remember to be aware of the light’s Read more