silhouette photography

Silhouette photography tips

One of my favorite photography topics is silhouette photography; partly because it is one of a number of photography pursuits that clearly attempts at breaking the basic rules of photography; which in this case is by placing the subject directly between the principle light source and the photographer. All photography book, tutorials and sessions will start with the basic rules …

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rural photography

Rural Photography – Commune, Capture, Get Captivated

Rush hours, crowded fast food chains, tall buildings that hide the stars, dark street corners that conceal stories… these are just some of the things featured in Urban Photography. On the other hand, rural photography takes us to vast fields, sunset-painted skies, simple living, slower life, warm and gentle people, and adorable farm animals. Photos of the countryside are refreshing …

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architectural photography

Architectural Photography Tips

Architectures, famous or otherwise, enthrall a certain type of photographers. At one point or the other, however, we have all tried our hands at capturing architecture pictures, especially of famous buildings. In this article I shall be discussing a few tips and pointers on how to capture better architectural photography shots. We will learn about the different lens types that …

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365 photos project

365 Photos Project – Cultivating Artistry, Chronicling Life Experiences

“Wow the days move too fast!” Most people say that. Now in the digital age, everything spins so fast. In no time, you realize that you’ve missed out on many things. Sometimes, the moments that have passed by feel like a dream of some sort. Photography these days happen to be most people’s way of freezing time. Through it, they …

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emotional photography

Beginners’ Emotional Photography – How to Let Your Captures Touch Souls

You often times find yourself feeling more for a photograph. It may sound so cliché but you are reminded of that old line, “a picture paints a thousand words”. As you take a look at expressive pictures, you feel connected to how the image portrays a sense of tenderness, intimacy, joy, pain, sadness and so on. Every human emotion speaks …

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Travel Photography Tips

Travel photography is one of the most admired and followed technique of presenting images. It is romantic and a source of rich cultural significance. Whether it is landscapes, portrait or still-life, it produces a universal appeal of showing the world within the four corners of a single photograph. However, traveling with an assortment of photography gear can challenge the notion …

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backlighting tips

Backlighting Tips for Vivid, Dramatic Photos

Shiny outlines, silhouettes, lens flares, vivid colors, and other interesting elements can be brought about with backlighting. Backlighting, which is simply the lighting of the subject from behind, has been proven to provide a distinctive visual impact to the scene. In this article, we will explore some useful backlighting tips for your photos. Ways to use backlighting in your shots: …

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underwater photography

Amateur Underwater Photography Tips

Underwater photography is an exciting genre that has been pursued up until now only by professional photographers. However with the advent of cheaper cameras with underwater photography capability and easy availability of underwater cases plus other accessories it is fast becoming a favorite pursuit of average photographers too. Underwater photography is at the same time challenging, exciting and rewarding, requiring …

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