FroKnowsPhoto: Go Above And Beyond Auto

Don’t let Jared’s afro hair distract you from focusing on this amazing, information-laden photography video guide. If you do, then for sure you will pick up more knowledge than probing the internet for photography tips. This 3 hours video guide kicks off in dealing with the common problems photographers face when starting out. Jared was able to channel his own Read more

Photography MasterClass Course

photography course

Evan Sharboneau is the name. For many people, the name does not ring a bell. For photography enthusiasts, both hobbyists and professionals, the name does provide an enigma, as it is synonymous to an expert in the field of teaching photography. Evan has helped over 9 million photographers in creating stunning images through his Photography Masterclass course. And, he’s back Read more

Trick and Special Effects Photography eBook and Video Course

trick photography

Everything you need on a photography eBook which teaches all sorts of tricks and special effect that most renowned photographers use is in this one packing volume of extraordinary tutorial eBook. Photography enthusiast who wants to hone their craft will save months of painstaking experimentation and trial and error just by reading this photography eBook and video course. This whole Read more