Five Butterfly Photography Tips

butterfly photography

Butterflies are gorgeous creatures and one of the great and favorable subjects for many photographers is the butterfly photography, yet these are very sensitive creatures which making it hard to photography especially with their always moving around. The rapid and quick movement for these creatures make it hard and some times frustrating to take butterfly pictures. Additionally, butterfly photography share many Read more

How to Do Tilt-Shift Photography

tilt-shift photos

Do you like to shrink things? Many photos display normal buildings and streets in a miniature view comparing with its original size, you can find this effect applied especially in outdoor photography such as football games, street views, and arial building photography. The technique behind this effect is known as tilt-shift photography and it is one of the popular photography Read more

How Your Digital Camera Sensor Works

digital camera sensor

Your camera’s sensors play a vital role in processing light and transforming it into an image. It is therefore important to understand your digital camera’s sensors and how it works so it will help you operate your camera better. The process of taking photographs involves more than looking at your viewfinder, clicking a button and examining the image after. The Read more

How to Choose Your Camera White Balance

Understanding photography has a lot to do with mastering the methods of white balance. This is considered as one of the most vital digital camera settings. White balance settings could make or break the images you capture on your camera. Therefore it is important to fully understand each aspects of white balance. Imagine photographing the beautiful form of sea waves Read more

Understanding Camera Metering

By understanding the concepts of how proper metering works, a photographer becomes one step closer to achieving its goals of becoming a professional in the photography industry. Knowing to hear the different metering techniques will help a photographer adjust on the fly on different situations such as shooting with minimal and unusual lighting. This article will help guide photographers to Read more

Understanding White Balance

understanding white balance

The need to understand white balance comes from the ugly looking yellow, red or green tones that appear on the shots you take, completely giving the picture a different feel to how you saw the scene with your naked eyes. This happens because different types of light have a different ‘temperature’ and that casts different color tone. Ever clicked a Read more

Photography Tips: How To Choose A Tripod

choose a tripod

Tripods are the perfect accessories to keep your camera steady and leveled when shooting still photographs. A sturdy tripod allows you the luxury to use a long shutter speed, without the occupational hazard of camera shake. It also allows you to shoot waterfalls, sunsets, fireworks and other artistic photos using a deep Depth of Field. It allows you to focus Read more

How Does Your Camera Image Stabilizer Work?

Camera Image Stabilizer

A Camera Image Stabilizer is essential for shooting steady photos, unless you are using a tripod. It is very important to make sure that your shot will appear sharp and steady, especially when you are using a slow shutter speed or a wide aperture. These settings can easily cause unsteady images because, as opposed to fast shutter speed photos, the Read more