Daily Miniature Photography by Tatsuya Tanaka

Tatsuya Tanaka is an Art Director and miniature photographer from Kagoshima, Japan, and the work that he has created is detailed and contemporary in its format and concept totally. In 2011, Tanaka started an interesting process of creating scenes of everyday life, but in miniature format. This was done on a daily basis, and Tanaka has called this his “Miniature Read more

Street photography Tips

street photography tips

Street photography is simple in concept, but when put into practice, can be very hard to do well. This style of photography has so many fantastic opportunities that are on offer to anyone that wants them. Here are a few tips and guides that may help in improving the creativity of your street photography. Firstly, a great suggestion is to Read more

Secret Lives: Surreal Food Photography by Maciek Jasik

vegetables photography

Maciek Jasik is a polish born photographer who currently resides in New York. Maciek graduated in 2000, from John Hopkins University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Since then, Maciek has exhibited extensively in New York, including a solo exhibition in 2012 called “ Bypassing the Rational”, as well as being featured in publications that include The New York Times, Read more

Unique Photography Collage Using Instagram Layout

photography collage

Many people know and use Instgram on a regular basis. They post pictures of where they travel, what they eat and what they are doing. But a Singaporean photographer called Ng Weijiang has taken Instagram and its possibilities to new limits. Ng Weijiang uses Instagram layout to create inspired and creative photography collages that leave the onlooker gazing and amazed. Read more

Breathtaking Aerial Photography for New York City

new york photos

Aerial photography gives us the ability to see life around us from a totally different perspective and provides unique visual experience for the objects seen from top view. Previously, aerial photography was very challenging and requires expensive equipment to fly with the camera above the location and start taking photographs. Currently, this type of photography becomes accessible for many photographers, Read more

Dream: Breathtaking Fine Art Photography by Mikko Lagerstedt

Mikko Lagerstedt is a Finnish-based self-taught photographer with an interesting portfolio of photography projects that can be viewed in his Behance webpage and his own website. His “Dream” fine art photography project takes you into journey of lonely dreams and memories of fog and light. The dramatic usage of light and shadows in his work is remarking his work and Read more

How to Take Portrait Photos Like a Pro: Working with Light

portrait photos

Taking professional portrait photos is a challenging yet interesting topic for both professional and amateur photographers who like to take shot for their beloved. In the first part of this article, we explored the basic equipment required to take professional portrait photos such as the tripod and the lensed that can produce the best results. We also explored the portrait Read more

How to Take Portrait Photos Like a Pro- Part 1

portrait photo composition

Oh how we all amateurs envy the professional portrait photographers. Lugging expensive DSLR bodies and telephoto lenses they compress the foreground and the background into oblivion on the pretext of creating ‘stunning’ portrait photos. Oh how we love to prove that we amateurs are not to be taken lightly either and that we are just as capable. Professional quality portrait Read more

Free Photoshop Brushes for Photographers

Birds brush

One of the intelligent features in Adobe Photoshop is that you can always load it extras to improve your work such as the Photoshop brushes, color swatches, actions and gradient presets. You can easily search for free Photoshop brushes to download and install into your application and start using it. As mentioned earlier while talking about Lightroom tutorials, Adobe Photoshop Read more

Free Lightroom Tutorials and Resources: 5 Great Websites to Learn From it

Lightroom tutorial websites

Many photographers are now depending on Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to post-process their photographs especially when the project includes large number of photos. Although the free Lightroom tutorials and resources are still few on the Internet, it is undeniable that Adobe Lightroom can help photographers not only in the image editing process, but also in processing their images and organize Read more

Amusing Animal Photos for Adorable Rats

rat photos

Jessica Florence captures the awwwww-inducing animal photos of her pets. Let me say I have never found these little fellows that adorable. Looking at each photograph here just gives me this childlike smile. Florence has this cute playfulness in this series – she’s able to freeze candid moments of these rats. She’s able to somehow use the best props and accessories Read more

Quick Image Editing Tips: Applying Photographic Toning in Photoshop CC 2014

image editing gradient

Adobe Photoshop becomes an essential part of photographer’s gear. Despite the debate to photoshop or not to photoshop your photos, we all depend on photoshop in the image editing process either with few retouches or heavy manipulation. Adobe Photoshop is full of hidden gems and image editing tips that can help you achieve the desired effect quickly and using a Read more

Long Exposure Photography Capturing Tokyo by Matthew Pillsbury

matthew pillsbury

Long exposure photography involves keeping the shutter speed in your digital camera open as long as possible to expose large amount of light. The result is having dramatic effect on photos that document not only the scene but the motion inside it (Understanding Camera Exposure). In order to create good long exposure photos, you should have good understanding to your camera Read more

A Quick Guide To Surrealism In Photography

surrealism in photography

Surrealism in photography more often than not requires manipulation of multiple images into one. This means that you will need decent knowledge and experience in photo manipulation and photography as well. Creating surreal photos is practically the same as creating photo manipulation. There are no strict rules when it comes to surreal photography, but there are some things that should Read more

Breathtaking Nature Landscape Photography by Thorsten Scheuermann

Nature landscape is what we really miss from the nature when we are locked inside our offices and in front of our computers. Nature landscape keeps us calm and release us from the daily work stress (check Nature Photography – Autumn Trees Captures Bursting with Ethereal Colors). Nature landscape photography is a favorable subject for many photographers but few got Read more