silhouette photography

Silhouette photography tips

One of my favorite photography topics is silhouette photography; partly because it is one of a number of photography pursuits that clearly attempts at breaking the basic rules of photography; which in this case is by placing the subject directly between the principle light source and the photographer. All photography book, tutorials and sessions will start with the basic rules …

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architectural photography

Architectural Photography Tips

Architectures, famous or otherwise, enthrall a certain type of photographers. At one point or the other, however, we have all tried our hands at capturing architecture pictures, especially of famous buildings. In this article I shall be discussing a few tips and pointers on how to capture better architectural photography shots. We will learn about the different lens types that …

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underwater photography

Amateur Underwater Photography Tips

Underwater photography is an exciting genre that has been pursued up until now only by professional photographers. However with the advent of cheaper cameras with underwater photography capability and easy availability of underwater cases plus other accessories it is fast becoming a favorite pursuit of average photographers too. Underwater photography is at the same time challenging, exciting and rewarding, requiring …

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photographing taj mahal

Photographing The Taj

If there is one single example of architecture that can truly be considered as an icon for India then it has to be the Taj Mahal. Built out of sheer while marble, the building widely considered as the finest example of Mughal-era architecture imbibing Persian, Turkish and Indian architectural styles, is actually a mausoleum. Every year millions come to experience …

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low light photography

Low Light Photography Tips

One of the trickiest issues that plague photographers is the absence of light or to make it a tag easier, insufficient light to shoot pictures in. You would ask what the difference is. Well, absence of light means completely dark and I don’t think there is a camera that can shoot pictures in total darkness. Insufficient light on the other …

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model release form

What Is Model Release Form And When Do You Need It?

You may have often come across the term model release form. If you’re a budding professional photographer, this term is more relevant for you. This is because professional photographers, especially those who shoot portraits and street photography for commercial purposes, need to know the legal aspects of using such pictures without the specific and signed consent of the people featuring …

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Flower Photography: Tips & Tricks

Flower photography is a highly satisfying photography pursuit, rewarding to both the eyes and to the aesthetic mind that appreciates the natural beauty all around us. Choosing the right time & light Harsh light of the sun always casts an unnatural color tone and suppresses details. Soft light like the one during an overcast day are perfect as the conditions create …

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street pictures

Taking Street Pictures: The Art of Discreet Creativity

Street photography is often considered as a discreet art. To put it in simple words, it is an attempt to capture an evolving world around us, through our lenses, while staying completely out of sight. Street pictures are usually captured at a moment’s notice and require patience, intuition, an eye for the ‘moment’, and familiarity with the equipment in hand. …

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