portrait photography inspirations

Inspirational Portrait Photography Examples

Portrait photography is the most interesting yet challenging photography type. Many people take interest in seeing portrait photography examples because they like to explore facial expressions from different angles and cultures. There are many factors that can affect your portrait photography shots, such as the composition and lighting. If you manage to control all these elements, you are more likely …

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night photography

Night Photography Best Examples

Night photography refers to the photos taken after the sunset and until dawn. While it is challenging to shoot night photography in low light, it can produce amazing and dramatic results. You can take night photos using artificial light in the scene, such as light bulbs and city lights, or you can use long exposure to enable your camera to …

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Colorful photos

Beautiful Examples of Colorful Photography

Colorful photography refers to photos that include a number of intensive, bright colors. Unlike with ordinary color photos, the main focus here is on the colors, especially the bright ones, which give this kind of photography its attractive look and feel. In addition to the colors, colorful photography is concerned with the composition and using the elements to arrange the …

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iPhone Apps for Photographers

Must-Have iPhone Apps for Photographers

iPhone apps for photographers are tools that you can download on your own iPhone mobile device to extend its photographing capabilities, and give it more options similar to the ones on professional digital cameras. Actually, the good camera and flash features of the iPhone helped it to be one of the best shooting tools for many photographers after their favorite …

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