Treat to Your Heart – Animal Photos showing Special Friendships

It can’t be denied that some people still consider animals as creatures without feelings or sense. I grew up with farm animals so my fondness for animal-friends bloomed when I was just around 4. Animal photography and wildlife photography have been making waves online.

Now this one’s a heart treat! These images of animal friendships only show that animals have a special kind of sense – this very sense enables them to create social bonds as well.

In a busy world like today, we oftentimes forget about the beauty of observing and being present.

There is harmony in creatures and forces of nature around us – from the way the tree branches carry leaves in them to the playfulness shared by two animals from different kinds.

Related showcases:

animal photos
Tinni the dog and Sniffer the wild fox. Photo by Torgier Berge

Beautiful reflection photo that captures the closeness of the two


animal photos
Torque the dog and Shrek the owl.

One of the most special bonds ever – Torque keeps Shrek close to his heart


animal photos
White cat and the fox

Forehead on chin, white cat shares a rubbing love to the fox


animal photos
Mani the wild boar and Candy the candy dog

When cuteness can kill – screaming little Mani and Candy!

animal photos
Rabit and Deer in the snow

The photographer spotted these spontaneous lovely sight- perhaps, they are helping each other to get through the cold.

animal photos
Anjana the Chimpanzee and a tiger cub

This cub has survived the flood during the hurricane. When they were brought to an animal reserve, Anjana helped the owner to take care of them.

animal photos
Kate the great dane and Pippin the deer

A love story that transcends

animal photos
Shere Khan, Baloo and Leo

From stories of abuse individually, these three found love and friendship from each other.

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