Amusing Animal Photos for Adorable Rats

Jessica Florence captures the awwwww-inducing animal photos of her pets. Let me say I have never found these little fellows that adorable. Looking at each photograph here just gives me this childlike smile.

Florence has this cute playfulness in this series – she’s able to freeze candid moments of these rats. She’s able to somehow use the best props and accessories to bring out lovelier atmosphere.

She also uses tender tones in these pictures which add up to the pure appeal of each piece. I so love the bunny headbands – I even showed the photos to my younger siblings and one of my very young nieces. “It’s a rat-bunny!” It was a wonderful treat sharing Florence’s images to them. It’s also a great way to explore another door to the wild and beautiful kingdom of the animals such as these adorable pictures of kittens.

The close-up photo in this animal photos series just makes me feel so amused – I stared at it for a few minutes and just marveled at the features of the little animal’s face. Its eyes, the way the little hands grasp on food. It’s fantastic!

Are you also thinking of focusing more on your animal photography skills? What have been the challenges that you face while honing it? There are actually a lot of photographers who are able to make waves online for this category, you can surely look around and find inspirations.  From wild animals like tigers down to other unexpected photogenic animals, you have the power to make your own creative path.

pet photography

pet photography


How to take a great animal photos series?

Jessica Florence project provides a helpful example if you are looking to capture great animal photos, you can notice that playing with the zoom and composition can have a dramatic change in the shot. Here are some quick tips to take professional animal and pets photography projects:

Close up on the face

In order to highlight their innocence and cure face expressions, you need to close up to the face. You can do this using a macro lens that can help you to get zoomed shots without disturbing the animals.

pet photography

rat photos

Prepare your composition

The composition plays an essential rule in the shot, make sure to be ready with small items that the animal can wear during the shooting session. Colorful items can add nice vivid atmosphere to the shot too.

Choose the right moment to take the shot

At the animals moves a lot, you need to take th right moment such after they eat or while they sleep. If you cannot catch this time, you need to set the camera shutter speed and camera exposure to catch the animal moment with accurate and sharp results. this can be achieved by using  a high shutter speed.

rat photos

animal photos

Choose the right background

As you can notice from the above shots, most of the backgrounds are solid colors to highlight the little animal and the elements with it in the shot. Busy background can detract the view from the original element in the photo.

Take your time

As mentioned above the animal photos need a lot of patient. The pets are moving around and playing all the time. Waiting for the right moment can help you capture great shots.


animal photos

animal photos

Consider outdoor animal photos

One of the great shot ideas is tot ale the animal to their nature and let them play in the garden. This can help improve your shots and empower it with the animals’ potential energy.

animal photos

animal photos

Creating the successful animal photos project is a challenging task as you need to find the suitable theme for your project and learn the tips that help you to get great animal photos. the above project by Jessica Florence provides useful visual method to get interesting composition ideas.

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