5 Top New Features in Photoshop CC for Photographers

Each year Adobe Max comes up with a new sneak peak about the upcoming versions of Adobe products and technologies. Since most of us are photographers, the question arises about the new features of Photoshop CC for photographers. But let us first understand why Photoshop’s new version is named CC and not CS7 as we would have expected.

The following versions of Adobe products will not be named CS7 anymore, but instead the new Adobe products will be called Adobe CC, which is stands for Creative Cloud. The older Adobe products used to be named CS (Creative Suite), which refers to the different product suites that Adobe used to provide.

The Adobe Creative Cloud membership refers to Adobe’s new license, which implements the cloud technology and allows you to pay monthly membership fees in order to download and use different Adobe products. Additionally, it provides more extended features, such as cloud storage and other services.

Although Adobe will fully defer the old license concept and migrate to Creative Cloud membership, some areas in the world will continue to use the old licensed versions, such as Asia and the Middle East, at least until Adobe spreads the new policy around the world.

Now, let us explore the features of the new Photoshop CC for photographers and how it can help to improve the post-processing stage of photography.

Smart Sharpen

For starters, the new Smart Sharpen filter gives you more capabilities to sharpen your images. Unlike the older versions of Photoshop, the new sharpen feature does not destruct your photos and gives you options to modify the amount of sharpening, radius, and noise reduction.

Camera Raw 8

Camera Raw is one of the important new features of Photoshop CC for photographers, and with the new update of Camera Raw version 8, you can apply Camera raw as a filter to any of your document layers. Previously, it was only possible to use Camera Raw by opening images in it. Now you can also apply Camera Raw as a smart filter so you can modify it later, which feature is known as a smart filter.

With the new Camera Raw 8, you can modify the tone of your HDR images. Furthermore, you can use the advanced healing brush that allows you to retouch your photos directly from inside the Camera raw dialog box, and you can fix the image perspective using the new Upright tool with different perspective settings.

The new Camera Raw 8 includes the Radial Filter that lets you apply a gradient to the selected layer directly from inside the Camera Raw dialog box.

Camera Shake Reduction

Camera shake is one of the issues that annoy photographers, especially when they are not using a stabilizer-support lens (learn more about the image stabilization) or just taking shots with a mobile camera. One of the great new features of Photoshop CC for photographers is the Camera Shake Reduction that you can reach from the Sharpen option in the Filter menu.

In this filter you can control the camera shake and let Photoshop remove it smartly using different settings. You can also preview the final results and create custom shake reduction areas.

Intelligent Upsampling

The new Image Size dialog box allows you to increase the image size while preserving its quality with the new intelligent upsampling technology.  All you need to do is open the Image Size dialog box and choose Preserve Details from the Resample drop-down list.

Share on Behance

Now you can upload your photos directly to your Behance profile using the integration of Adobe Photoshop CC with Behance. The Share option on Behance in the File menu lets you log in to your account, upload your photo and submit its information, such as its title and description.

What’s Next

The new features of Photoshop CC for photographers can change the way we used to work and use Adobe Photoshop. The best way to discover each tool’s capabilities is to use it and see how you can implement them in post-processing photos. The new Adobe CC products are available to download directly through the Creative Cloud membership.

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