10 Photography Marketing Ideas (Part2)

In the previous part of this article, we have discussed the first five photography marketing ideas that you can use to start or improve your photography business, sell more photos, and get better market exposure. In Photography marketing ideas (Part1), we have discussed how to build a good and professional portfolio to showcase your work, and creating a business identity for your photography services. Also, we extended our discussion to identity and how to turn your personal business into a corporate identity to gain market trust and exposure.

Also, we discussed advertising and how to use social networking sites, online and offline advertisements to promote your business and get more clients.

Now, let us move forward to discuss more photography marketing ideas:

6. Writing Photography Articles

This may sound strange, but if you are a photographer and have some writing skills, you can use them to get better market exposure for your photography business.

When you start writing articles on photography you help others to learn, which can help you build your own community and help clients to trust you and your knowledge as you are sharing it with others. There are two methods to write about photography:

Photography marketing ideas
Write photography articles.


7. Build Business Relations

Taking hobby photography to the business level requires you to have some business skills, such as building business relations and being able to extend your communication to cover more market areas. For example, you need to get in touch with photography business leaders and experts in the same field through conferences and exhibitions. This can help you extend your business relations and get more opportunities.

8. Join Photography Communities

Getting involved in photography communities can help you expand your knowledge and share information with others especially when it comes to photography, because you can attend many activities, such as photo walks and discussion groups. Furthermore, these communities can open more opportunities for your business and you can get help from more experienced photographers in the market.

While online communities are helpful to share knowledge, it is not as efficient as real communities, because those can help you to communicate directly with others and do activities together. So, I would advise both amateur and professional photographers to get involved in local communities, or at least online photography communities.

Photography marketing ideas
Join photography communities.

Each country has its own photography communities and you can search for them in local directories. These communities can be syndicates, associations, etc.

Also, some of these communities provide further benefits, such as health assurance, discounts, job portals, and can provide photography marketing tips for your local business.

9. Join Local and International Exhibitions

There are many photography exhibitions around the world. Joining these exhibitions is one of the photography marketing tips that can boost your creditability in the market, because it shows your talent and ability to compete on the artistic level of photography. Also, many exhibitions only allow really talented photographers to participate in the exhibition by judging their artwork and choosing the best pieces to showcase in the event. This acceptance can be an acknowledgement of your talent and skills.

10. Enter Competitions

In addition to photography exhibitions, competitions can also be a very good proof of your skills and excellence in photography, especially when you have the chance to win an award in an international competition. Adding these awards and participation to your resume and portfolio can give you high credibility and put your portfolio among the top photographers. This high ranking can help you get more revenues and ask for higher rates for your services.

photography marketing tips
Join photography competitions

Many talented photographers fail to get the most of their business due to missing these small tips while building their business. The above tips and the other five that we have discussed in the first part of this article can help you learn some tricks to improve your photography business.

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