10 Best Photography Marketing Ideas (Part1)

Both professional and amateur photographers are looking for photography marketing ideas to help them either to expand their business or start selling their photographs and photography services on the online or the local market.

Similar to other talented artists, many photographers have the talent that can help them excel in their business, but they do not always find the best business model to follow in order to turn their talent into a successful business experience. While I usually suggest having basic marketing and business education, many photographers just do not find the time to learn about these basics, or cannot afford business education.

If you do not have the time and the budget for this type of education, you can simply learn about some photography marketing ideas that can help you improve your knowledge and experience about affordable methods that you can apply and get significant increase in your business revenues and market exposure.

Some of the photography marketing ideas can be applied online through your website or social networking profiles, while other ideas need you to promote your photography business in the local market such as the following marketing tips.

1. Build a Strong Portfolio

The photography portfolio is a very important tool for any photographer to feature his or her work to their clients and followers. So I added it to the top of the photography marketing ideas list. When clients want to hire you for a photography job, they first see your portfolio even before having a look at your resume. So it is important to build a professional portfolio.

Julian Breton photography portfolio

Photography portfolio by Julian Breton.

When you build a photography portfolio, make sure to include the following in your website:

  • The best of your photography samples, this will give your client an impression about your talent and experience.
  • Your bio and a downloadable copy of your resume.
  • The awards and the exhibitions you took part in, as well as the books and magazines that featured your work.
  • List of your clients and their testimonials about your work.
  • Your social networking profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, etc.
  • Contact information such as email, phone, and mailing address.

Also, you need to make sure that your photography portfolio is usable, easy to navigate and visitors can reach your photography samples easily without having to click on many links to reach it.

In addition to your portfolio website, you can get more exposure from the market by creating profiles for your work on different photography community sites. You can learn about creating a photography profile and selling your photo in this article How to Sell Stock Photos Online.

2. Build a Corporate identity

Although most photographers have their own business or work as freelancers, it is important to build an identity to your photography business. This identity will help clients to easily remember you and get in touch with you.

business card deisgn for photographers

Photography business card ideas by Markus Tsang

The corporate identity can reflect your own name or a different business name. Choosing the name depends on your ideas and ability to promote your business. For example, if you already have your photography business, it is recommended to keep the name as it is to avoid losing clients.

Based on the name, you start to build the identity, such as:

  • Logo design should have remarkable colors and a reflective concept idea to reflect your business.
  • Attractive business cards that include your name and contact information.
  • Portfolio website as we mentioned earlier in this article.

After building this identity, you can use it in all the photography marketing ideas that we will mention later in this article.

3. Social Networking

As the social networks grow to connect people from around the world, they have become one of the successful photography marketing ideas as they help you to turn your social profiles into an efficient promotional method.

photography marketing ideas

You can easily build professional profiles on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Histogram, Pinterest, and Google Plus and start to use these profiles to promote your activates, recent projects, and photographs. These profiles can help you build a continuous relation between your clients and help more people to reach you and learn about your experience.

You can also use features such as Facebook pages and Google Plus pages to build business profiles for your photography studio or agency. Thus, clients can start following the business page and learn more about its updates and offers.

In order to get the most out of your social network profiles, you need to make them active with frequent updates. Also, you need to interact with your followers to build good communication with them.

4. Online Advertisements

Online advertisements are one of the efficient photography marketing ideas that you can implement using your business identity. You can advertise your business, special offers, new updates, and more.

sell your photos online

There are different types of online advertisement campaigns that you can use to promote your photography business, such as the following:

  • CPC (Cost per Click) paid ads, you get paid a specific amount of money for each visitor click on the ad to go to your web portfolio.
  • CPM (Cost per Mille) paid ads, you pay a specific amount of money for every 1000 times your ad appears on the ad publisher website or network.
  • Monthly payment ads, you pay a fixed cost every month for having your ad displayed on the publisher website or network, regardless of the clicks you get or how many times your ad appears to the visitors.

You can advertise your business in different advertising networks, such as Google Adwords, Facebook, and BuySellAds.

Additionally, you can use other advertising methods, such as email marketing that sends a direct email to a database of users who are interested in photography products.

5. Offline Advertisements

Offline advertisements include the ordinary marketing methods, such as the local newspaper, Craigslist, local directories, Radio, and national TV channels.

While offline advertisements are considered old among photography marketing ideas, they can help you get exposure from the local business and allow you to gain clients in your city or country.

photography marketing ideas

Unlike the online advertisements, local promotions may need direct contact between you and your audience before building the business relation, which need some soft skills, such as presentation skills, sales skills, and more.

In the next part, we will continue to discuss the photography marketing ideas that can help you expand your business and make more revenues from your passion for photography.

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