poverty photos

Heartbreaking Poverty Photos

It really hurts me to see such photos that express poverty, that is why I share some of the most beautiful photos expressing poverty to encourage you to do something awesome today to such poor people. Having a deep look at these photos will show how strong people they are living in poverty and struggling to help themselves and their …

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Cool Cat Pictures

Photographing cats can not only be fun but is also hard and tiring as you can’t control them or communicate with them so well, also patience is very important in taking animal photos. That is why the wonderful cat pictures are those who are spontaneous while playing with toys or with other cat friends. Take a look at these cats …

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Simplifying your Photography: Going Back to your Roots and Why You Fell in Love with Photography

Professional photographers go through a phase when all they think about is how to take great photographs for their clients. Professionally speaking this is not worrisome; in fact, it is a sign of true professionalism. However, this signals warning signs for any photographer to at least take some time off and go out of their stressful professional world and indulge …

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photography collage

Unique Photography Collage Using Instagram Layout

Many people know and use Instgram on a regular basis. They post pictures of where they travel, what they eat and what they are doing. But a Singaporean photographer called Ng Weijiang has taken Instagram and its possibilities to new limits. Ng Weijiang uses Instagram layout to create inspired and creative photography collages that leave the onlooker gazing and amazed. …

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new york photos

Breathtaking Aerial Photography for New York City

Aerial photography gives us the ability to see life around us from a totally different perspective and provides unique visual experience for the objects seen from top view. Previously, aerial photography was very challenging and requires expensive equipment to fly with the camera above the location and start taking photographs. Currently, this type of photography becomes accessible for many photographers, …

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portrait photos

How to Take Portrait Photos Like a Pro: Working with Light

Taking professional portrait photos is a challenging yet interesting topic for both professional and amateur photographers who like to take shot for their beloved. In the first part of this article, we explored the basic equipment required to take professional portrait photos such as the tripod and the lensed that can produce the best results. We also explored the portrait …

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